The 4 C's

At jfkdiamonds we only supply full GIA certificated diamonds and only buy and sell the very best of these from H colour to D colour and from VS to Flawless clarity we also make sure all our diamonds have ideal cut proportions with no fluorescence so the colour of your diamond is not effected by different lighting conditions.

Our ne HD fire engagement ring

The image above is our new HD fire ring set with a 1 carat HVS2 GIA certificated diamond with a 5 mm full diamond 950 platinum wedding ring which as you can see fits perfectly to the engagement ring. This ring is made to the exact specifications of you chosen diamond and displays the diamond as it should be displayed so the diamond is the master. If you look at the rings on most sites and in most jewelers they are made from standard parts welded together this is why half carat diamonds seem to be lost in the rings because they are not made specifically for the diamond. If you look at the image below this ring has been made specifically for this half carat H VS2 GIA certificated diamond this includes the size and shape of the claws and the size and shape of the ring shank you will notice the diamond is displayed at the perfect height and is not lost in the setting or overpowered by it.

Half carat diamond engagement ring